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Fabric Classification

Fabric Classification


Fabrics have several classifications, some of which define their implementations and purposes. They can be classified as follows:

1- Classified according to usage into: outer clothes, sportswear, underwear, upholstery, tapestry, rugs, etc. Clothes bound to the body’s movement had better have tricot-based fabrics, whereas upholstery had better have woven fabrics, and rugs had better have fabrics that are thick and woven either flannel or non-flannel. 

2- Classified according to implementation method into: woven fabric, knit fabric and non-woven fabric.

3- Classified according to material: either natural such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, mohair, ..etc or synthetic such as polyester and acrylic.

There are other classifications too but we really just need to learn the ones which pertain to our lifestyle so that we can pick the best for our requirements.


“There are several fabric classifications, according to usage, implementation, material, ..etc.”

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