Inkle Looms

Inkles are generally considered to be one of the most significant elements in the field of textiles. They can be utilized in both men or women’s clothing; they are used as belts, bag straps, shoelaces, bracelets, trimmings on clothes,.. etc. They are also used in furnishings as en embellishment for chairs, curtains and rugs. In addition, they can be used individually as bands for curtains and tapestries. Moreover, they can be used in the industrial field as safety belts. Inkles derive their significance in the field of textiles from their specifications and diversity of usages, hence they have been given great regard in terms of manufacturing equipment and tools that produce them.

We, in Shaaraf Textile Equipment & Tools, provide 5 different types of inkle looms, in order to satisfy the needs of every inkle weaver, as follows:

– the inkle loom (basic version), which can make inkles as wide as 11 cm or less and as long as 250 cm or less. This loom targets projects that do not require great lengths but it can be used for a myriad of purposes. Its output (woven inkle) depends on the basic weaves in its patterns.

– the long inkle loom, which differs from the basic inkle loom in its ability to make inkles as long as 15 m; it means that it is perfect for the projects that require great lengths.

– the wide inkle loom, which satisfies the need of weaving wide inkles that can be up to 25 cm wide. It is divided into: the wide definite-length inkle loom which can make inkles as long as 250 cm, and the wide indefinite-length loom which can make inkles of unspecified lengths.

The aforementioned looms can implement basic weaves and the weaves depending on them.

– Then comes the card inkle loom, whose output is highly special as no mechanical equipment can make an inkle similar to it because threads are wrapped upon themselves and give distinctive patterns. It can make inkles as wide as 12 cm or less and that are indefinitely long.

– Finally we have the al-sadu loom which is especially designed to weave the distinctive al-sadu textile.

All the looms are manufactured from dried and steamed wood, and they are painted with lacquer in order to preserve them and give them the usual luster of Shaaraf’s looms.

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