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Table looms are mainly used for training and educational purposes, however they can be used effectively for general production. Shaaraf Yasmina table loom is your perfect choice if you need to learn weaving in a professional perspective and even have nice fabric that can compete in the textile market.
Easy to use, even kids can weave! Portable even with fabric on it! Several selections are available so you can have a table loom customized to your needs.
With Yasmina Table loom, get diverse textiles with consistent fabric on a loom with excellent finishing and high-quality materials. Multiple accessories can be attached easily so you can have the perfect weaving experience you wish for.
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Table looms are classified as lever looms. They are one of the easiest looms to use. Each shaft is connected to a lever, this facilitates all the possible variations of lifting the levers. Levers are in the front which makes it so easy to reach for them as well as keeps them away from distracting the weaver.
Table looms have the distinction of being portable. You can move them either indoors or outdoors, for example from home out to the production or training workshop. This is due to their being easily foldable even if there is fabric on them!


There are various usages of table looms, which can be summarized as follows:
Education and Training: Being perfect tools for understanding the textile structures, table looms can be used for educational purposes in colleges and institutes as well as workshops for training on either manual or mechanical weaving.
Professional production: Table looms are reliable for getting textiles with compatible widths. In addition, they can be used with novelty yarns to have novelty fabrics.
Personal production: Table looms are so easy that almost anybody can work on them (even children) to have great textile products for themselves or their loved ones.
Creating  test fabric samples: Table looms are very useful for creating fabric samples before implementing them on hand weaving looms or mechanical looms.
Easy conversion to frame looms if needed: The loom’s tower can be separated from the base so that it can work as a frame loom which can be used for producing tapestry if needed.

Yasmina Table Loom  Features

Several selections that suit your needs: Shaaraf Textile Equipment and tools provide the Yasmina table loom with 3 different weaving widths: 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm, whereas the number of shafts is either 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 according to the weaving width as follows:
– 40 cm weaving width looms can be equipped with 4 or 8 shafts.
– 60 cm weaving width looms can be equipped with 4, 8 or 12 shafts.
– 80 cm weaving width looms can be equipped with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 shafts.
Get diverse textiles: Yasmina loom’s levers are designed in a way that the formed shed is completely clear. The height of the shed can be altered in case of high tension. It’s worth noting that the design makes it possible for the warp to be lower than the breast and warp support or on the same level in the beginning of warping. This option makes the loom optimal for weaving diverse threads hence getting diverse fabrics.
Fabric consistency: The beater is hung on an adequate height so that it can beat the weft as perpendicularly as possible. This makes the fabric’s surface uniformly even on both sides.
High quality materials: Yasmina table looms are mainly made from dry Beech wood but dry oak wood could be used instead upon request. Stainless steel is used for making the axes, the ratchet’s gears and the ratchet itself. The stainless steel gears make high tension possible which enables the weaver to produce special fabrics.
A piece of art in your house: Yasmina looms are durable for long-term use owing to being manufactured masterly with high quality materials. Plus, considering the aesthetics in designing the Yasmina loom makes it a piece of art that adds a beautiful artistic touch to your house.
Excellent finishing: the wood is insulated with a layer of a special material and suitable lacquers.
Various attachments: Additional parts can be attached to the loom; you can check them out in the website’s store.

Additional information


Yas (Yasmina)

Weaving Width

40 cm (16"), 60 cm (24"), 80 cm (32")

No. of Shafts

4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24


Oak or Beech Wood, Stainless Steel


Disassembled, Assembled

Shipping Destination

USA & Europe, Other Regions

Product Versions

Yasmina 4004: No. of shafts: 4 – Weaving width: 40 cm.

Yasmina 4008: No. of shafts: 8 – Weaving width: 40 cm.

Yasmina 6004: No. of shafts: 4 – Weaving width: 60 cm.

Yasmina 6008: No. of shafts: 8 – Weaving width: 60 cm.

Yasmina 6012: No. of shafts: 12 – Weaving width: 60 cm.

Yasmina 8004: No. of shafts: 4 – Weaving width: 80 cm.

Yasmina 8008: No. of shafts: 8 – Weaving width: 80 cm.

Yasmina 8012: No. of shafts: 12 – Weaving width: 80 cm.

Yasmina 8016: No. of shafts: 16 – Weaving width: 80 cm.

Yasmina 8020: No. of shafts: 20 – Weaving width: 80 cm.

Yasmina 8024: No. of shafts: 24 – Weaving width: 80 cm.


Yasmina Table Loom
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Packing of Assembled Yasmina Loom


Yasmina Table Loom 8024 Assembly – Frame

Yasmina Table Loom 8024 Assembly – Castle

Yasmina Table Loom 8024 Assembly – Shafts

Yasmina Table Loom 8024 Assembly – Beater

Yasmina Table Loom 8024 Assembly – Frame with Castle