Shaaraf Dobby System

Shaaraf Dobby System is a software application especially developed for operating  Shaaraf NAZ electronic dobby looms  via USB connection. Shaaraf NAZ electronic dobby looms vary in sizes and specifications but are all equipped with solenoids (motor-like devices) which mechanically trigger the shafts depending on the weaving pattern you are implementing.
Shaaraf Dobby System can open WIF files (either with liftplan or tieup configuration), view their patterns, and operate your Shaaraf NAZ electronic dobby loom according to the pattern in hand. It is simple and easy to use with a few controls and an intuitive user interface.

You can download the user guide and the setup file of the software from the following links, depending on the number of shafts in your NAZ dobby loom:

Shaaraf Dobby System 1.0

User Guide

Shaaraf Dobby System 1.0 User Guide

Setup Files

Shaaraf Dobby System 1.0 – 40 shafts