About us

Shaaraf Textile Equipment and tools is an Egyptian rising organization specialized in manufacturing high-quality yet affordable products needed in the textile industry including weaving looms with all their types. The manufacturing process is managed and executed by Dr. Osama Shaaraf, an academic professor and engineer who combines both technical expertise and intellectual knowledge.
You can make your orders from anywhere in the world and get them shipped to you.


Dr. Osama sharaf


Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt.

Textile Machineries and tools

Shaaraf vows to provide high quality textile equipment and tools at affordable prices. Everybody should be able to weave and get beautiful fabrics!


Computerized Weaving Solutions

Stay tuned for pioneering weaving softwares and interfaces that will take your weaving experience to the next level!


Weaving Tutorials

Either a beginner or a master, get to have a deep learning experience by an experienced professor with articles and videos. Free of charge!