Advanced Kilim Loom

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The advanced kilim loom from Shaaraf TET is a loom especially made for kilim weavers who aspire a perfect weaving experience. However, not only kilim you can weave on it, but many other things too! Innovative, state-of-the-art, powerful, durable, sleek, highly customizable and ergonomic.  Select the weaving width you need from 80 cm (31.5″) up to 9 m (354.3″)! 2 or 4 shafts are equipped with the loom as well as a warp beam that can bear hundreds of kilograms of warp and a cloth beam that can bear more than 20 m (65.6′) of woven fabric. A lot of other built-in features make this loom your ideal choice for weaving kilim and other fabrics. For detailed information about the loom, please scroll down and check the tabs below.

Weaving Width 80 cm (31.5″), 100 cm (39.3″), 120 cm (47.2″), 150 cm (59″), 180 cm (70.8″), 210 cm (82.6″), 250 cm (98.4″), 300 cm (118.1″), 400 cm (157.5″), 500 cm (196.8″), 600 cm (236.2″), 700 cm (275.6″), 800 cm (314.9″), 900 cm (354.3″)
No. of Shafts 2, 4,

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The Kilim loom is categorized under counterbalance looms. It is one of the basic weaving looms due to the fact that it is simple and its output fabric is among the most required ones in the textiles industry.


The advanced Kilim loom is primarily used for weaving fabrics of covering grounds and furniture.

Output woven fabric: mainly kilim with all its decorative patterns in addition to other different types of fabric such as the twill weave. Therefore, the loom can also be used to weave furniture and bed covers as well as scarves and many other things just by changing the reed and the heddle.


– The structure of the loom as well as that of the shafts are strong and robust which gives very high tension endurance.

– The loom works with both fine and thick threads and can weave any kind of fabrics whose weave complies with the number of shafts.

– Ease of disassembling and assembling plus smooth operability

– Equipped with a warp beam which is capable of bearing such a large amount of warp that can reach hundreds of kilograms.

– Equipped with a fabric beam under the beater, which is capable of bearing very long woven fabric that can exceed 15 m without causing inconvenience to the weaver.

– Equipped with a couple of fabric folding and warp advance tools.

– Equipped with brakes that use a gear and a ratchet and which can be controlled by the weaver in his sitting position.

– Equipped with heddles that can be increased or decreased and are specifically used for bearing the warp tension.

– Equipped with a single equilibrium axis which results in shaft horizontal balance; this makes the upward or downward movement of the shafts free from any slopes hence a pure forward or backward shed can be obtained.

– The connection elements are stainless steel chains.

– The axes are on ball bearings for smoother movement.

– The beater’s reed can be changed to either a narrow or wide one and it is hanged on an axis whose position and height can be altered in a way that fits both the shed and the weaver’s ergonomics.

– The weaver can control all the loom’s parameters his sitting position.

– The loom can be equipped with a separate seat with changeable height and slope (ordered individually).

– The design of the loom takes into account the weaver’s ergonomics. Plus, the shed can be opened easily.

– durable for long-term use owing to being manufactured masterly with high quality materials. Plus, considering the aesthetics in designing the loom adds a beautiful artistic touch.

Additional information

Weaving Width

80 cm (31.5"), 100 cm (39.3"), 120 cm (47.2"), 150 cm (59"), 180 cm (70.8"), 210 cm (82.6"), 250 cm (98.4"), 300 cm (118.1"), 400 cm (157.5"), 500 cm (196.8"), 600 cm (236.2"), 700 cm (275.6"), 800 cm (314.9"), 900 cm (354.3")

No. of Shafts

2, 4